Thursday, September 25, 2014

Four Reasons Why you shouldn't buy iPhone 6

via EngASM89 NewTechGeeks Four Reasons Why you shouldn't buy iPhone 6 Four Reasons Why you shouldn't buy iPhone 6 The gaffe Apple keep coming. The company, whose "philosophy has always been to be the best, not the first," as said CEO Tim Cook recently going through a period of rare it looks just accident prone. Launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Apple Plus has been pursued by these unfortunate incidents: Apple has released iOS update to 8, the mobile operating system disables some calls. In addition, users have found a lot of small insects IOS 8, such as keyboards suddenly disappear. "#Bendgate" People have discovered that the iPhone 6:06 Plus can get bent, and stay that way. None of its competitors do. Apple is offering replacements some people. Some iPhone users are upset that Apple has replaced the "camera roll" album of photos on their iPhone with a folder "recently added" that is tied to iCloud, making it more difficult (or at least different) to delete the photo permanently. Apple officials annoying police to enforce the law, saying that "it is not technically possible to achieve the government's orders for the extraction of such data with the product in your possession with iOS 8" Cook added: "If the government has put a quote for iMessage, we can not provide is encrypted and do not have a key and what is more or less the door is closed ... "the police believe that this can help criminals hide information. Launch of Apple in China, a market that is expected to become one of its largest, has been delayed by the bureaucrats of the country, causing strange clashes between Chinese immigrants out of western shops. The launch of iPhone 6 was ruined when the video stream is gone and has been replaced strangely spread a test image and a voiceover China for the first 25 minutes of the show. Before that, the hackers published nude photos of 101 celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence had discovered that iCloud - a hack made ​​because of the way Apple handles the account recovery. Apple roll on regardless, of course. These are the kinds of technical problems that every big company crosses. iPhone 6 is probably going to be the biggest issue, the most successful in Apple's history, producing a record turnover of influx. (We asked Apple for comment, but his spokesman in silence at the time of writing.) Some of the problems Apple are simple optics. The order in question - in which the police believe that the new title of Apple preventing them from solving murders and kidnappings - it is mostly a matter of public relations. In fact, it is likely that Apple will actually respond to commands and the police still have a way to lock your iPhone, so this idea that it is not technically possible for Apple to respond to commands is simplistic at best and misleading at worst . Others go to the core of Apple: To release an operating system update that prevents a phone to be used as a mobile phone, and then run, it is a surprise. It is a fundamental mistake to base, the use of the product resulting users headaches useless. Consumers will have to connect their phones to their laptops and reinstall an earlier version of the system from a backup. That's asking a lot of consumers are not the technology (and their parents). It 's the kind of thing that PC users are used to curse Microsoft, back in the days when the company used to send updates of Windows full of errors. And the fact that Find my iPhone was likely the most basic technique of hacking - enter new password repeatedly until you get it right - it looks sloppy. Apple is the company where everything "just works", the brand is proud to be obsessed with detail and careful and thoughtful. And your slip is showing. Let's forget all about it in a month or two, of course. Besides sales roaring iPhone 6, there is another thing that indicates the boat is Apple basically opening up the right way: Since the launch of new products, September 9, the stock is almost 4% to 101.75 dollars. Four Reasons Why you shouldn't buy iPhone 6

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